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Toys & Playtime

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  • Strong Suction Cup
  • American CPC Certification
  • Easy to Store
  • Flexible Combination
  • Lights, sounds and colours
  • 3 play positions to cater for baby’s every need: baby can either lie on its back, sit down or stand up
  • Musical keyboard
  • Multi-activity table
  • 20 minutes of classical music (Chopin, Schumann, Offenbach) and white noise, designed to echo heartbeats and calming sounds heard by the baby in mummy's tummy
  • soft nightlight with fading effect
  • 4 soft fabric pendants
  • Removable electronic panel, suitable for wooden beds and strollers
  • Available in Light Blue and Pink
  • Design for baby cot with slats only
  • Easy to install 
  • Lullaby music box
  • Entertains baby at naptime or bed time
  • Folds and unfolds in 3 seconds
  • Easy to use and navigate for parent and child
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Sleek, comptemporary design 
  • Offer maximum functionality and comfort
  • Ideal for travel
  • Easy to navigate by parent and child with dual steering system
  • The smallest folding trike in the market
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Features high durability soft-ride wheels
  • UV sun protection canopy
  • 5 point harness
  • Easy snap and attachment
  • Ideal for travel and storage
  • Suitability: Compatible with Liki Trike
  • Material: 100% Polypropylene
  • A balance bike to learn balance (up to 3yo)
  • A tricycle to learn how to pedal (up to 3yo)
  • A 3-wheel scooter to gain confidence (up to 20kgs)
  • A 2-wheel scooter to boost independence (up to 50kgs or 110lb)
  • Flexible Neck​ - Can be adjusted in any angle and direction
  • Soft EVA Foam Blades - Finger-safe and child-friendly even when it's spinning
  • Power Switch - To operate, slide the switch to ON
  • Strong Clip - Powerful spring loaded clamp with a maximum of 2 inches jaw width can be attached to any bars
  • Easy-to-attach, high quality convex rear-view mirror
  • Fits Android and iOS tablets up to 10.1''
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Deatachable and washable seat protector
  • Fit on most fabric & wooden cots with playful activities, music & lights
  • Clip attachments with 2 height options
  • Hangs vertically for newborns
  • Hangs horizontally for play during tummy - time or when seating
  • Activity book can also be played with on the floor musical bear - press nose to activate music and lights
  • Hanging circle shapes, music & lights for newborns senses development
  • Playful activities for baby's senses and motor skills development
  • Includes unique Velcro straps to hold the toy in position
  • With soft jingling bird, rattling Ronnie the rabbit toy and a clear ring rattle
  • Playing with spiral’s activities encourages the development of baby’s senses and motor skills
  • Unique soother case for easier outdoors
  • Soft pram arch with rattling toys and a musical center toy
  • for Easier Outdoors and Easier Parenting!
  • 30 minutes of classical melodies by Mozart, Schuman, Vivaldi & more
  • Volume control
  • Ideal for promoting baby's senses, cognitive skills and emotional intelligence​
  • Created with the intention to promote your baby's emotional, cognite and physical development during their first two years of growth
  • Rear-facing baby activity car toy
  • Features a special high contrast black & white foot stimulation pad, with rolling beads
  • Includes three loveable hanging toys
  • Easy to attach to the car head rest poles and to adjust for baby's reach
  • Baby reaches to grab and play with the hanging toys for motor skills and senses development
  • Baby's feet touch and the foot-stimulation beads, to learn about cause & effect and develop sense and motor skills
  • Help to develop baby's senses and motor skills and teaches about cause and effect
  • Created with the intention to promote your baby's emotional, cognitive, and physical development during their first two years of growth
  • Plays soothing melodies and play time melody
  • Easy to connect to the headrest and to adjust for baby's reach
  • The music & lights are activated by baby's kick to teach about cause & effect
  • Playing with the different features encourages baby's senses development, fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand Coordination
  • The perfect travel companion for babies 
  • Created with thye intention to promote your baby's emotional, cognitive and physical development during their first two years of growth
  • Includs sound sensor that re-activates music & light when baby awakes to soothe baby back to sleep
  • Each soothing melody plays for 15 minutes
  • Four melodies and a child voice
  • Light mode
  • Hangs on wooden or fabric cots, with a plastic clip, in two height options
  • The friendly penguin's features promotes baby's senses, cognitive skills and emotional intelligence
  • The music & light can be activated by the baby teaching them about cause & effect
  • Fun animal based activities including their sounds, and characteristics
  • Teaches phonic sounds, the alphabet, spelling, words, numbers and more
  • Introduces early time concepts with animal feeding times
  • Chunky light-up buttons
  • Encourages language development and independent play
  • The interactive early learning
  • Place each of twenty-six ABC letter blocks
  • Child on a fun learning adventure
  • Cearning toy responds with letters, phonics and numbers
  • Detachable learning centre  introduces letters, words, numbers shapes animals and colors
  • Light-up music buttons and melodies stimulate senses
  • Moving butterfly, puppy button, discs and roller develop manipulative skills
  • Develops walking motor skills and hand-eye-co-ordination
  • 2 x AA Batteries required
  • Soothing cot light in cute teddy design
  • Relaxing light patterns project onto ceiling
  • Plays 28 lullabies, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • Lullabies and natural sounds help soothe baby to sleep with option of 5 or 10minute parent timer settings
  • Secure straps for cot attachment
  • Kids can dream of how can they being the doctor when they grow up and understand how doctor works.
  • Learning & Development
  • Pretend & learn Doctor’s Kit
  • Colors and objects
  • Rolling ball makes the eyes on the doctor's kit move
  • Introduces 6 favorite Nursery Rhymes
  • 7 interactive press, slide and twist buttons activate rhymes and fun sound effects
  • 6 brightly colored
  • Easy-to-clean pages
  • Light up smiling face flashes along with the rhymes
  • Encourages motor skills and language development
  • Color Stickers with scent: Banana, Watermelon & Grape
  • Scented Dough Tubs with vibrant colors
  • Shake - shake Bobblehead marker  
  • Roll of games & activities
  • Comfortable support - improve development motor skills
  • Support & learn to sit on their own
  • Great for take-along play
  • Provide auditory stimulation