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Health Essential
Health Essential
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  • Big size tank capacity - can run up to 24 hours  
  • Whisper quiet - you won't even notice it is there 
  • Auto Off - turns off when tank is empty
  • Easy to clean


  • KU.KU Snivel Absorber with very soft nozzle
  • Double valve can repeat the action
  • It also won't have air into baby's nose
  • The pump is very flexible can easy to clean up
  • Easy to use and simple to clean with 100% safe
  • Light weight and conveniently shaped for best application
  • Portable and durable, battery operated for convenient use both home and away
  • Three different sizes of silicone probe makes your control easier
  • Two steps suction adjustment, moderate and stable suction, also applies to newborns.
  • Soft and enchanting music.
  • Cartoon modeling, streamlined design, conform to ergonomic, easy to grasp.
  • Silicone sucker, flexible and safe.
  • Standard two removable sucker, sucker and storage tank can be cleaned separately, easy to clean.
  • One button operation settings, simple and quick operation.
  • Multiple function
  • Three colors backlight (color alarm)
  • Fast and accurate
  • Non contact
  • Easy to use
  • Degrees centigrade and degree Fahrenheit be changeable and selectable