Comparison Between Steam and UV Sterilizer
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Comparison Between Steam and UV Sterilizer

Although bottles and teats may look clean after wash, they might still carry germs/bacteria which cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is essential to sterilise your feeding equipment in order to protect your baby.

Two of the most common sterilisation methods are steam sterilisation and UV sterilisation. Steam sterilisers use high energy steam generated from water to disinfect, whilst UV sterilisers use UV germicidal light kill germs/bacteria. Below are the comparisons between steam sterilizer and UV sterilizer.



Steam Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer


Usually smaller

Usually larger


Sterilization + drying (certain models)

Sterilization, drying, storage, auto

Sterilizing tool

Water - steam

UV light bulb

Sterilizing method

Steam which is a gas spread across the entire surface of item easily regardless of shape

Ultraviolet light directly shines on surface to kill germs


Baby bottles

Almost everything (eg. toys, gadgets, utensils etc.) except natural rubber and latex products


Risk of burnt injury due to hot water or steam

No burn injury risk as the drying is with low heat only





To fill the sterilizer with water each time

More convenient - Easy one-button activation