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Playmats & Playgyms
Playmats & Playgyms
Playmats & Playgyms

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  • 2-Sided printing
  • Upgrade of cushion feel of the soft mat material
  • Passed safety criteria & quality test (BPA Free, Non-toxic)
  • High density waterproof coating for maximum durability
  • 2-Sided printing
  • Suitable from age 0+
  • Upgrade of cushion feel of the soft mat material
  • Passed extremely stringent safety criteria & quality test (BPA Free, Non-toxic)
  • High density waterproof coating for maximum durability 
  • Safe high temperature does not appear harmful substances
  • Double sided crinkling "Sensi-center" for 2 developmental stages.
  • The unique "Sensi-Center" encourages baby to lie in four different poses
  • Includes five additional playful, multi sensory hanging toys
  • A detachable music & light toy with three melodies
  • The musical toy can attach to cots and car seats handles
  • Proactive positioning is hugely valuable for baby's motor, cognitive, sensory and learning development
  • Variety of body positioning stimulates baby's head turning and development
  • Double sided crinkling center stimulates baby's eyes
  • Fit on most fabric & wooden cots with playful activities, music & lights
  • Clip attachments with 2 height options
  • Hangs vertically for newborns
  • Hangs horizontally for play during tummy - time or when seating
  • Activity book can also be played with on the floor musical bear - press nose to activate music and lights
  • Hanging circle shapes, music & lights for newborns senses development
  • Playful activities for baby's senses and motor skills development
  • Includes unique Velcro straps to hold the toy in position
  • With soft jingling bird, rattling Ronnie the rabbit toy and a clear ring rattle
  • Playing with spiral’s activities encourages the development of baby’s senses and motor skills
  • Unique soother case for easier outdoors
  • Special mat clip holds the toys steady so that baby can practice tummy-time
  • Three playful, multi-sensory hanging toys
  • Baby-safe cabbage leaf mirror, jingling Ronnie the rabbit and a rotating wood log
  • For easier tummy-time for the baby
  • Extra-soft and thickly padded play mat, for Easier Development
  • Tummy-time pillow and activities, encourage baby to lift head and neck and strengthen their muscles.
  • Helps develop baby's senses and motor skill
  • For crib or floor play
  • The toy hangs on wooden or fabric cots with two clips, in two height options
  • Includes 12 activities for mutual play and exploration -music & lights bear, pick-a-boo activities, rattling clear ball, crinkling parts, mini maze with colorful rings and more
  • With easy-to-grab handle, for babies to take along wherever they go
  • Suitable for use in the crib, on the play mat or just about anywhere
  • Created with the intention to promote your baby's emotional, cognitive, and physical development during their first two years of growth
  • Soft rattling dolls 
  • Easy to fold & carry.
  • Easily attaches to most prams, strollers, infant car seats or bouncers with large size plastic clips.
  • Encourage baby’s exploration of the world, and baby's reach.
  • Help to develop baby's senses and fine motor skills.
  • Full of fun action and entertainment
  • Extra padded play mat
  • Adjustable arches with unique positioning system to allow easy interaction with baby
  • Toys with contrasting colors, that can hang on the arches and attach to the mat's loops
  • The mat's edge can be used as tummy-time support
  • Soothing and play time melodies, with color changing soft light
  • The cosy mat makes an easier transition for the baby
  • Soft music, contrasting colors activities and unique open arches position
  • The mat's edge can be used to help practicing baby's motor development
  • Sturdy plastic frame
  • 3 hanging activity toys
  • Height adjustable toys
  • Gym's legs can fold flat for easy storage and mobility
  • Encourages baby's senses and motor skills development
  • Easier development and easier parenting
  • Enviromentally friendly material